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With our lives being busier than ever before, we're all on the look out for handy hints and tips to make cleaning quick and efficient. The Clever Cleaning team at Vileda has put together its years of experience to bring you the Vileda Blog - lots of handy hints and tips to help you minimise the hassle that comes with cleaning, helping you clean smarter so you can spend more time enjoying the things you really want to do!

Now everyday is a good drying day

Every day is a good drying day

As the days grow colder and outside drying days become scarcer, getting through your laundry can become a real hassle.  Relying on the occasional, unpredictable dry day is particularly frustrating when your favourite top’s in the wash and switching on the heating when there is no-one at home to get your clothes dry is costly

And while the tumble dryer can sometimes be the only option if you need something in a hurry, it’s worth bearing in mind that they are one of the most energy hungry appliances in the home*, using about 4 times as much energy as a washing machine.

To make life a little easier, we’ve put together our top tips for making sure you make the most of the time and space you’ve got.


Pick the right air dryer
If you have mountains of washing, squeezing all your smalls onto your radiators isn’t always possible… plus it is a pretty expensive option if there isn’t going to be anyone home to enjoy the tropical climate you create!

Air dryers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; the Vileda Dry Cascade is a 3 tier airer which is ideal if you have limited space but still has 15m of line length and the Vileda Viva Dry Flex which, with a massive 25 metres of drying length and adjustable wings, is ideal for bigger loads and drying delicates flat.


Reduce power and follow the sun
If the sun does decide to put its hat on, but you don’t trust the rain to hold out all day, move your air dryer to a sunny spot in your home.  Also consider where the warmest places in your house are; often they are the kitchen and bathroom


Shake it & flip it
If you’ve ever bunged a pair of jeans on a radiator and just left them there to dry, you’ll know trying to climb into wrinkled, crispy clothes isn’t particularly pleasant.

To keep them supple and minimise creases, make sure you give your clothes a good shake before hanging them out and to speed up drying time, if you get a chance, flip them over for a more even dry


Dealing with delicates
There’s nothing more disheartening than an item that calls for hand-washing.  As well as being a bit of a pain to wash, drying delicates, in particular knitted garments, comes with its own set of problems as hanging them up often causes them to lose their shape.

Rather than risk extra long arms on your favourite sweater, spread it out over the adjustable wings of the Vileda Viva Dry Flex so that it dries flat.


Worried about damp?
If damp is a problem in your house, consider using a dehumidifier. While this still uses electrical power, they often use a lot less energy so are cheaper to run than most heating devices.


* Source Energy Saving Trust

Cleaning around cooking

The school year has started again and parents will want to make the most of the weekends with their children. Dinner time is a great opportunity for a fun family activity where your kids can learn how to prepare food and release their creativity. However, we all know this can get messy.

An important piece of advice is to clear up as you go. While your little one may be assigned to mixing or stirring, you can be washing up the used chopping boards, bowls, pans etc. This way, you will just have a few items which can be left at the end soaking while you eat.

Whatever utensils you’ve been using, Vileda’s Active Wave Scourer can remove stubborn food. The Active Wave is appropriate for Teflon® non-stick coatings or other coated surfaces due to the special structure which lifts the dirt gently but effectively. Active Wave is the ideal all-purpose scourer.

While your child’s efforts of stirring the pan are of course greatly appreciated, it can sometimes lead to half of your meal being left behind on the cooker. Vileda have a 2in1 Microfibre Kitchen Cloth that will both scour and clean surface tops to remove grease, as well as tough dirt without scratching. This cloth can be washed over and over again by hand or machine so that surfaces can always return to looking clean and shiny.

The final job is to lay the table. Obviously, the table must be cleaned first and Vileda’s Style Sunsplash is the perfect all-purpose cleaning cloth which makes this simple and painless. A wipe before and after the meal with this long-lasting, durable cloth will absorb any spills and provide a fresh, clean surface to enjoy your delicious dinner on.

Quick living room cleaning tips

This week, we’ve created some living room cleaning tips that will help you keep your home ship shape in-between the deep cleans.

Firstly, ensure your cleaning products and any solutions you need are close at hand. All you will need for the quick clean is as follows:

• Vileda Dust Cloth – for table tops and shelves
• Vileda Window and Glass Cloth – for windows and glass coffee tables
• Vileda Relax Cleaning Robot – for hard floors and short pile carpets.

Move aside all your big items from shelves and tables so you have a clear path to clean the area.

Simply grab the dust cloth and wipe down the tables and shelves. As this is not the deep clean, don’t feel obliged to move around the smaller items that you keep on the surfaces.

Once you’ve finished, grab the Vileda Window and Glass Cloth and wipe down windows, glass surfaces and mirrors. Use your favourite solutions if required. If you make it a habit to clean these regularly it will be a great time-saver during the deep clean.

Once you’ve finished with the surfaces and windows, take the Relax Cleaning Robot, turn it on and let it move around your home. It will navigate intelligently around your space to sweep and vacuum dirt and dust from your floors.

Whilst the robot is cleaning the living room, grab a cuppa and your favourite book and let the Relax Cleaning Robot finish the work.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t a chore most people look forward to doing but fortunately, bathrooms are made of materials that are easy to keep clean. Whether you divide your cleaning into small sessions or complete it in one fell swoop it is important to clean it regularly to keep germs at bay in the bathroom.

Always rinse down basins and baths straight after use. Keep bathroom surfaces as dry as possible and keep the bathroom well ventilated to help prevent the growth of mould. However, do remember that this won’t stop the dirt build up but it will definitely postpone ‘the day of the deep clean’.

For the deep clean – let’s start with the bath. Vileda has developed a bathroom sponge scourer which makes cleaning the bath much easier. Why not try using it with a natural cleaning solution. One of the best natural options is bicarbonate of soda. Just dip the wet scourer in the bicarbonate of soda and use it to shift any stubborn marks.

For the dirt that gathers around the taps, shower heads and inside plugholes use the Vileda scrub brush. Try putting some lemon juice on the brush as it is great for removing limescale and will leave your bathroom smelling great.

For a squeaky clean toilet bicarbonate of soda will come in handy again. Just sprinkle it inside the toilet bowl and use a toilet brush to scrub it clean.

To give mirrors a streak-free finish, try the Vileda Window and Glass Cloth. It can even be popped in the washing machine after use and used over and over again.

Deep cleaning is best done weekly or once every two weeks to avoid bacteria growth. Just remember: the longer the time in-between deep cleaning, the more work you’ll have to do.


It may have once seemed impossible, but we now live in an age where robots can do our cleaning for us. Here at Vileda, we have recently introduced the Relax Cleaning Robot which moves intelligently around your home to help you sweep and vacuum dirt and dust from your floors.

One of the best things about the Relax Cleaning Robot is that it can be trusted to do the cleaning when it’s home alone. The Relax Cleaning Robot has a cliff sensor system on its base, it can detect any sudden drop and changes direction accordingly to avoid falls. If it encounters anything blocking its path, it not only bumps back softly, but also automatically reverses and moves elsewhere.
Relax Cleaning Robot uses a 3-step cleaning system which lets it clean even these hard to reach areas:

1. Lateral brushes for around edges of the room and furniture
2. Rotating brushes to pick up stray particles
3. Vacuum power to suck up dust and hair

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy life while Vileda’s Relax Cleaning Robot does the work for you.

Relax Cleaning Robot uses a rechargeable NiMh battery which lasts up to 80 minutes at a time. The Robot requires no refill or dust bags, simply empty out the dirt directly into your dustbin.

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    With our lives being busier than ever before, we're all on the look out for handy hints and tips to make cleaning quick and efficient. The Clever Cleaning team at Vileda has put together its years of experience to bring you the Vileda Blog - lots of handy hints and tips to help you minimise the hassle that comes with cleaning, helping you clean smarter so you can spend more time enjoying the things you really want to do!

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