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With our lives being busier than ever before, we're all on the look out for handy hints and tips to make cleaning quick and efficient. The Clever Cleaning team at Vileda has put together its years of experience to bring you the Vileda Blog - lots of handy hints and tips to help you minimise the hassle that comes with cleaning, helping you clean smarter so you can spend more time enjoying the things you really want to do!

Take it easy on yourself this National Cleaning Day


March 19 sees the return of National Cleaning Day.


If you are planning to embark on a stellar spring clean, then take stock of your tools as you could be putting in far more time and effort than you have to in order to get the job done.


Take your window cleaning routine; is it a task you dread? You’re not alone as research has shown it is one of our least favourite jobs because of the time and effort it takes to get a sparkling, smear-free shine. Rather than vigorously buffing the glass to get it glossy, simply whip out your Windomatic (link to), the window vacuum which sucks away the dirty water, leaving a streak-free finish and reducing the tiresome and time-consuming task of cleaning windows and mirrors by up to 50%.


Floor cleaning making you want to kick out the bucket? If you are fed up of dragging around a heavy mop and bucket to get floors shining, or getting your steam mop cable caught around table legs, then the innovative new cordless 100°C Hot Spray mop (Link) could be the perfect solution to help you get an effortless clean.


Combining hot water and superior microfibre technology, it offers the easy alternative to steam: a cordless clean, removing 99.99% of bacteria without using chemicals.


Dust getting you down? It’s a never-ending chore trying to eradicate it, however, rather than just spreading it around and creating clouds that just resettle minutes later, by wiping with our microfibre Soft Dust Cloth you can pick up 40% more dust than traditional cotton cloths thanks to its special electrostatic charge which attracts and holds the dust.


So, if you are planning on kicking up a storm and embarking on a serious spring clean this National Cleaning Day, then why make the jobs harder than they have to be? The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can sit back, relax and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Dry those drawers in the spring air!


It’s been a long, cold winter but spring is finally here and the weather is warming up! Time to stop running up the gas and electric bills on the tumble dryer and radiators and hang those clothes outside…


Put a bit of spring zest in your vests with our range of outdoor airers, the perfect solutions for any drying dilemma.


Gone are the days where piles of dirty washing are clogging up the utility room… with enough space on the 60m line for five loads of washing and enough space to fit a double duvet cover (yes really!), the SupaDry Hoist Rotary (RRP £99.99) will ensure that plenty of laundry will air in that spring breeze.


With a strong galvanised steel frame, clothes hanger hooks are also provided on each arm should you need to dry delicates or drip dry your smalls. Line tensioners are included to keep the lines taut.


If you want to save a bit of space, or like a more minimalist look in your garden, try our Cordomatic (RRP £10.99). Small and compact, yet with 15 metres of drying line, this wall mountable unit can be used indoors or outdoors and the retractable line leaves your back garden clean and tidy and looking like paradise.


Spring has sprung, now sow some seeds!


With the sun finally making an appearance and spring flowers starting to show their shoots, it’s time to don your gardening gloves and get outside to set the stage for a blooming perfect summer.


Mow-sy on down

The combination of sun and showers makes the ideal mix to get the grass growing.  While you don’t want to be stepping out during a downpour, take the opportunity that dry days give to mow the lawn and keep grass growth under control.


Don’t be weedy

As with grass, now is the time pesky weeds start getting a strangle hold on your flower beds.  Strike now before they get out of hand by spending some time digging them up before their roots really take hold and the time the job takes doubles.


Don your best dress-ing

If you’ve got plants and trees growing in containers, now is the time to give them a boost by top dressing containers with fresh compost. To do this, remove the top 2.5cm of soil and replace it with fresh compost. This will help add nutrients to the soil and feed your plant for the year to come.


Sowing the seeds (and bulbs) of love

Planning to grow summer-flowering plants from bulbs?  Well now’s the time to plant bulbs such as gladioli, lilies and begonias into beds, borders and containers.   If you are growing your flowers from seeds, now’s the time to sow them in pots ready for planting out in June.


Divide and conquer

Lift and divide established perennial plants now to improve their vigour and create new plants for your garden.  Most perennials will benefit from being divided every two to three years to maintain their healthiness, although if you are trying to create more plants, this can be done more regularly.  For more details on how to divide different types of perennials check out this quick guide


Don’t be a slug-a-bed

Having sown the seeds to some beautiful blooms, the last thing you want is to see your spring shoots munched on by hungry slugs.  Take the time now to put in place deterrents, the RHS has some great suggestions for tackling them


That’s shallot!

If you are planning on planting early potatoes, onions or shallots, so long as the ground isn’t waterlogged or frozen, now’s the time to sow the seeds.  Get digging!


Let the robot do the hard work, so you don’t have to!


Ever imagined having your very own R2-D2 or C-3PO? What about a robot that can do your housework?!


Well, now you can sweep and vacuum your household floors without lifting a finger, thanks to Vileda’s new Cleaning Robot. Simply press the button and sit back and relax while the robot does the cleaning for you! You can even set it to work whilst you are out or use it as a great way to entertain kids and pets as well as doing the cleaning.


With a three step cleaning system which is suitable for all hard flooring including short-pile carpets, this rechargeable robot sweeps and vacuums edges and under most furniture. It also includes features such as an intelligent navigation system and cliff sensors to avoid falling down the stairs. There’s no need to worry about it taking a tumble!


That’s not all….the robot has two counter-rotating brushes especially designed to pick-up particles and pet hair and a vacuum power to pick up finer dust and fluff.


Whether you christen your Vileda Cleaning Robot Vi or Rob, unlike many new additions to your family, this one will pick up after you, rather than you picking up after them.

Don’t move… improve!


It’s there for you every day…

You’ve grown and changed together…

It’s easy to take for granted…

Sometimes frustrating…

But you’re so happy to come back to… your home!


Remember that feeling when you saw your home for the first time and just knew it was the one for you? As with any relationship it can be easy to take your home for granted and forget why you loved it in the first place when little things start to get to you – damp patches, drawers that don’t run smoothly and, at this time of year, fences that don’t want to stay standing up!


Rather than trying to avoid looking, or thinking about those niggly annoyances and surfing RightMove (starting at £1m+ obviously!), why not give your home a little TLC and fall back in love all over again!


Make a list, check it twice, do the jobs even if they’re not nice…


There is nothing more satisfying than ticking a job off a to-do list! Just as you might a shopping list, keep a checklist of any jobs that need doing around the house.  This can help focus your mind on what really needs doing (and what budgets can allow for that month)  as well as acting as an incentive to get jobs done!


If you’re handy with a hammer, set aside a couple of hours each month to take on those little jobs rather than letting them build up. From ‘how to fix a leaking garage roof’ to ‘how to unblock a sink’, YouTube is a brilliant resource for guides to learn how to do it yourself.


If it isn’t really a DIY job or you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, don’t just put it off.  Get a handful of professionals in to quote for the job; that way you can compare prices – you don’t have to book it in there and then and at least you’ll know what it will cost  so you can budget and plan the work in for when it suits you.


Speak to friends, family and neighbours to see if they have used anybody locally that they recommend and if they can’t help, there are now websites like set up for sharing recommendations and giving you peace of mind.


From dump to desirable – take on your least favourite room or area


We’ve all got a drawer, cupboard or room we dread opening the door to… what’s going to fall out?  Will you ever get it shut again?  Maybe it’s your hidden dumping ground, or maybe it’s the room you never quite got around to decorating.


Figure out which is your least favourite room, or area in the house and take it on as a project.  What’s the function of the room and could it be put to better use? Does it need a serious declutter – be ruthless! You may have got it for Christmas three years ago, but if it’s been hidden away ever since, maybe it could go to a better home? Does the room just need organising?  If so, consider investing in new shelving and storage (drawer dividers really do divide and conquer mess!) and arrange your belongings so that they’re easy to find and access.


By giving your dump room something as simple as a new coat of paint and a sense of order, you will quickly turn it into a room you can be proud of.


Spring is in the air (nearly). Show your home some love


The idea of a ‘spring clean’ can be a little daunting.  Whether you make yourself a list and tick one job off a day, or whether you’ve set aside a dedicated day to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, work in a way that suits you and make sure you reward yourself as well as your home!


Crank up the volume to your favourite tunes to help fill you with energy and pass the time. Here’s a great playlist to get you started. Set yourself little challenges (find a home for 20 items and earn yourself a square of chocolate?!). Work in 20 minute chunks – no Facebook distraction until the 20 minutes is up!  Whatever motivates you… use it!


There is nothing like that satisfying feeling of a squeaky clean home!


Woo your home


You’re not the only one who likes to be wooed. Light candles, buy flowers and play music. Create the perfect setting to fall back in love with your home.


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    With our lives being busier than ever before, we're all on the look out for handy hints and tips to make cleaning quick and efficient. The Clever Cleaning team at Vileda has put together its years of experience to bring you the Vileda Blog - lots of handy hints and tips to help you minimise the hassle that comes with cleaning, helping you clean smarter so you can spend more time enjoying the things you really want to do!

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